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BEEF it UP Australia! says ex NT Deputy Chief Minister

When the live cattle export ban hit the cattle industry in 2011 stakeholders right across the industry supply chain suffered enormously – socially, physically and economically – overnight.
Some have never recovered. Others lost everything that took generations to build. The ripple effect went from cattle producers through to entire communities that rely on the economic flow from the service providers throughout the entire supply chain.
I am proud to have been a part of opening the borders again, but unfortunately for some, too much damage had been done. It was arguably, the most devastating period ever seen in the industry.
Every stakeholder in the paddock to plate process are hardworking members of our nation, doing their bit to bring quality beef products to the table for consumption, nationally and internationally.
However, the live cattle export industry’s viability is still under threat from those who intend to close our borders to live export, permanently.
To top it off, we are seeing one of the worst droughts in our nation’s history.
As fellow Australians, we can do our bit by supporting all our beef industry stakeholders, right down to the small local butcher shops.
I commend the Australian Horizons Foundation and the Beefitup Australia campaign to support our local beef industry. Let’s pay our respects to our local beef industry and thank them for the work they do to make sure we have the world’s best beef on our dinner tables. 
I urge you all to join me in supporting this campaign and supporting each and every “steakholder”.
Willem Westra van Holthe
Ex Northern Territory Deputy Chief Minister