Come help us pay homage to every "steak"holder:

BEEFitUP Australia: Connecting Hotels around Australia for strong economic and social growth whilst paying homage to our farmers, rural communities and the “paddock to plate” process.
The Australian Horizons Foundation and the Visit Australian Towns Network Inc have partnered with RED INTERNET to create a dynamic social enterprise model and we invite you to join us.
The best thing about this is NOTHING changes in the way you run your business!
The BEEFitUP Australia social enterprise model is an exciting game changer regarding how your customers consume and react to your products and services.
All hotels are invited to participate in the campaign. Why hotels? Because hotels are the hubs of our communities since the day they were built.
The idea behind the campaign is very simple: 
to encourage consumers to make a change with their wallet whilst going about their normal purchases.
Reality is small choices can make a big impact to rural Australia.
The purpose behind BEEFitUP Australia is to raise funds for rural Australia as both the Australian Horizons Foundation and the Visit Australian Small Towns Network Inc are focused on the economic and social well being of rural Australia of both the farmers and their families and members of the small communities including small business. 
By BEEFING IT UP we are able to achieve our goals, pay homage to our farmers and of course celebrate our great land and culture. 
Best of all it is business as usual for the participating hotels.
Metropolitan hotels can nominate their chosen town and cause that will benefit from being part of the BEEFitUP Australia social enterprise campaign.
Participating hotels will be part of a growing network of like minded businesses who have joined the social enterprise and will benefit by a marketing program that promotes their business via social media portals to encourage business, tourism and other like minded members of our community that want to make a difference.
Come join us by heading to the REGISTRATION page and let’s all make a difference! 
PS: LOVE your local and want to help? Register your local and we will give them a buzz and fill them in!